12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

We know the main reason you want to go the High Times 420 Cannabis Cup. To be surrounded by like-minded people, make tons of friends and do your part to help advance the cause of marijuana legalization. And, of course, to get higher than you could anywhere else. But what are you going to do once you’re high? To keep you from giving into the couch-lock, we made sure there were tons of things to do at the SoCal cannabis cup 2018. There will be plenty of weed, games to play and you might even run into a baby goat or two.

Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

To give you an idea of what to expect at the 420 cup in San Bernardino, we’ll go over a few of the confirmed attractions.

Ferris Wheel

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

The Ferris Wheel is a great first stop to get a higher view of the event. It’s a great way to mellow out in between performances. We recommend finding your best bud, getting high and riding into the sky.

VR Games

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

After realizing virtual reality and marijuana were a match made in heaven, we decided to bring virtual reality games to the cannabis cup with the help of Hologate.

Get baked so its easier to get completely immersed in one of Hologate’s virtual reality games.

You can fight dragons, shoot zombies or even have a virtual snowball fight while standing in sunny California.

Food Trucks

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

If you’re planning on spending time in the medicating area, you’re definitely going to catch yourself starving at some point. Especially if you try any of the super appetite-stimulating delta 8 THC.

Fortunately, we will have a huge variety of food for you to choose from with over 30 food trucks on-site.

There will be tacos, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, funnel cake, kettle corn, ice cream, barbeque, pho, greek, fusion, middle-eastern, east African food and plenty more.

Laser Tag

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

A fun way to work out, play with others and stay alert after medicating is a few rounds of laser tag.

Emerald Events will be constructing a laser tag arena for two teams of six to go to war inside of.

Super Slide

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

What better time to go for a ride on the super slide than when you’re super high? Most other situations involving a super slide also come with a bunch of kids and their disgruntled parents.

At the 420 Cup, you’ll be able to hit a bong and then the slide with no paranoia. Leave your eye-stinging solutions at home. You can rock your red eyes and dank cologne with pride.

You’ll only get the utmost support and approval from us.

Body Marbling

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

Turn yourself into a walking piece of art at the Black Light Visuals station. Black Light Visuals is a collective of Artists led by Brad Lawerence best known for the dipping art of body marbling.

UV reactive, non-toxic acrylic paint is used to create trippy, colorful patterns on your arm or body.

You won’t have to worry about showing up to work on Monday morning still glowing. The paint washes off easily with soap and water.

Petting Zoo

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

Who doesn’t want to be around adorable baby pigs and goats while blazed for days? Yup. There’s gonna be farm animals in a petting zoo at this years SoCal Cannabis Cup.

You’ll be able to see fainting goats, baby pigs, dwarf goats, babydoll sheep, Indian runner ducks, exotic chickens, bunnies and more.

There will be feed for sale in case you are selfless enough to cure more than your own munchies.


12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

If you want some fun and educational entertainment while chilling, check out some live podcasts!

The on-site live podcasts will include “Free Weed” with High Times Senior Cultivation Editor, Danny Danko, the “High Times Green Room” with Jackee, as well as others to be announced.


12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018


You’ll want to be at the stage when winners in each category are announced. It’ll give you a chance to find some of the winners in the prop 215 area to try them out and see if you agree with the judges.

Tattoo Artists

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

Ever since High Times fan Rogelio Vega (Supa Pilot Roc Vega) sent us a photo of his cannabis cup inspired front-piece, we started inviting tattoo artists to our events.

This year will be no different. Artists from Colours Couture will be on-site, inking to your heart’s content.

Live Music

12 Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

Get high and let your head rock to beats and lyrics from our world-renowned performers.

This year we will have live music from several DJ’s as well as headlining acts from Nas on Friday, Lil Wayne on Saturday and 2 Chainz on Sunday.

Get High Free Of Judgement

We saved the best for last.

The cannabis cup is one of the few places where you can be your weed-loving self and still feel completely included.

The only judging going on will be during the competition.

420 SoCal Cannabis Cup FAQ

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about the upcoming cup.

When and Where is the 420 SoCal Cannabis Cup?

The 420 SoCal Cannabis Cup is from April 20th to the 22nd at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino California.

Who Can Attend This Year?

This year, anyone aged 18 or over will be allowed to attend the event. Just bring ID to prove it.

Where Can You Park?

Follow signs when you arrive at the NOS Events Center for paid attendee parking.

When Do Gates Open And Close?

Doors open at 12 pm for VIP tickets and 12:30 for GA each day. The event closes at 10 pm on Friday/Saturday and 8 pm on Sunday.

Can You Smoke Weed?

There will be a Prop 215 or medicating area where you will be free to get as high as you want as long as you have a medical marijuana recommendation.

If not, don’t stress.

There will be doctors on-site that can see you for a recommendation. There will also be a small VIP Prop 215 area where smoking will be allowed.

Can You Buy Weed?

If you have a medical marijuana recommendation you may make purchases from licensed sellers in the Prop 215 area.

What If I Get Too High?

Don’t panic. We got you.

If you get too high, get hurt or feel off for any reason, we will have medical tents with professionals that can help you.

How Does Judging Work?

Entries are scored using a two-tiered digital system that includes a qualitative score from judges and a quantitative score from lab tests.

The qualitative score accounts for 75 percent of the total, with judges looking at aroma, flavor, visual appeal, potency and other factors depending on the category.

The lab testing accounts for the rest.

Final Hit: Things To Do At The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018

The obvious attraction at the cannabis cup is the abundance of award-winning cannabis products from the best breeders, growers and extractors in the industry. Not to mention headline performances by some of the most respected and well-known names in the game.

As we’ve illustrated, smoking weed and listening to music won’t be the only things to do to at the SoCal Cannabis Cup 2018. It’s only a few days away and the weather forecast for the weekend is looking amazing.

Any further announcements or tickets can be found right here.

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