Aphria and the 3 Boys Farm rumor : weedstocks

Another theory that relates to August 1st.

About a month ago a rumor popped up that APH was potentially going to buy 3 boys farm in FL.

Canadian Firm Aphria To Potentially buy Florida Medical Marijuana License Holder 3 Boys Farm

On a recent podcast George, the CEO of LHS, said they want to double down in FL. One issue potential buyers face is license holders have to wait a year before they can sell their license. But it just so happens 3 Boys Farm was awarded their license AUG 1st of last year. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/3-boys-farm-awarded-medical-cannabis-license-by-florida-department-of-health-office-of-medical-marijuana-use-300497516.html

Also if you look into 3 boys farm they fit the APH DNA of supreme growers. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/judge-rules-3-boys-farm-scores-highest-in-medical-cannabis-license-challenge-300463263.html

I’m calling on AUG 1st APH will among other things announce that they’ve bought/partnered with 3 Boys Farm to allow LHS to enact their “Double down” strategy.

This is some pretty wild and loose speculation I know, but I wanted to get it in writing…. juuuuust in case. 🙂


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