How to Hire a Pot Lawyer

When Bill Sherman (this is not his real name—due to the sensitivity of his case, he asked us to use an alias) came home to a dozen narcotics agents in his apartment one night, he knew he would need a pot lawyer. The cops had forced entry without a warrant, […]

Marijuana Banking Fraud: What You Need to Know

“Offshore cannabis bank.” Of the many issues that prevent cannabis businesses from acting like regular businesses, lack of access to banking is probably the most hindering. Since commercial cannabis activity remains a federal crime, the federal Bank Secrecy Act prohibits financial institutions from accepting cannabis-generated dollars. Most cannabis businesses therefore […]

Driving High

While experts agree that stoned driving cannot be regulated in the same way as drunk driving, the question remains: Can legislators and law enforcement meet the unique challenges presented by cannabis consumption behind the wheel? Every few weeks, Chris Halsor has volunteers in Colorado take part in a scenario that […]