Canna Law

Don’t Be a Marijuana Mooch!

DON’T BE THE MOOCH. This morning when I went to the gym before work, I put on an NPR podcast that delved into the story of the FTC’s bust of David Diamond. Diamond is an infamous Angeleno who defrauded hundreds of people via telemarketing scams. In the podcast, the interviewee […]

Uncertainty Abounds in Defining “Commercial Cannabis Activity” under California’s New Rules

We’ve got a lot of questions for the BCC right now. Last month, California’s regulatory agencies charged with writing commercial cannabis rules released new modifications to the final rules proposed in July. The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s (BCC) proposed modifications contained some of the most dramatic changes, including what would […]

How Cannabis Fared in the California Elections

As we wrote on Tuesday, the midterm elections were monumental for cannabis: Michigan voters approved of a proposal legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use, Utah and Missouri will soon establish medical marijuana regimes, and Texas Representative and marijuana antagonist Pete Sessions lost to a Democrat. All in all, Tuesday was […]