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Okanagan Cannabis Extraction Company Enjoying ‘Hyper’ Expansion

Vitalis Extraction Technology is a fast growing Okanagan company. Based in Kelowna, it manufactures and sells machines that extract botanical oil from plants, including cannabis and hemp. “We’re going into some other markets now,” Joel Sherlock, Vitalis co-founder said. “Hemp, flavourings, pharmaceuticals. The cannabis and hemp markets, which we service […]

Cannabis: A Remedy for the Soil?

Hemp offers untold benefits for the soil, production processes, renewable fuel and sustainable fashion. The internet has been awash in new health apps to improve sleep and wellness and an enormous amount of information on CBD oil, a product derived from cannabis, also commonly known as the source of marijuana. […]

Quebec is Appealing a Judge’s Ruling That Allows You to Grow Cannabis at Home

The Quebec government says it will appeal a decision invalidating parts of Quebec’s cannabis law that prohibited home cultivation. On Sept. 3, Quebec Superior Court Justice Manon Lavoie ruled Quebec’s legislation infringed upon the jurisdiction of the federal government, which has sole responsibility for legislating on criminal matters. The judge […]