High Times

Expert Joints Premieres on High Times TV Today!

Craig Ex, founder and host of Expert Joints, says he’s humbled to hold the torch for B.C.’s legendary weed industry on High Times TV. Season four of Ex’s Vancouver-based webcast, plus his on-the-ground event coverage and numerous tutorials, are the newest additions to the publication’s video offerings. “Expert Joints is a multi-platform […]

Brooklyn Offers Expedited Expungement Sessions This Week

New York’s efforts to legalize cannabis are moving about as slowly as its deteriorating subway system that’s been in a state of emergency since 2017. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is making strides with decriminalization, however, offering two free expedited community-based sessions this week to expunge previous convictions for low-level […]

Legalization In Rhode Island May Be On The Horizon

Could Rhode Island be the next New England state to legalize marijuana? It’s a possibility that seems more likely than ever, given the latest moves toward legalization that have happened in the region. Massachusetts, Rhode Island’s next door neighbor, just opened its first two recreational dispensaries last month, and Vermont […]

Utah Group Challenging Medical Marijuana Compromise in State Supreme Court

Despite a fierce, well-organized and well-funded opposition campaign by a powerful coalition of religious organizations and conservative health professionals, 53 percent of Utah voters said yes to Proposition 2 in November, legalizing access to medical cannabis treatments. But in a special legislative session last week, Utah lawmakers, including many who oppose […]