Medical Marijuana Inc.

Where Can I Vape?

Our guide to where vaping is and isn’t allowed in private and in public to ensure you are vaping responsibly. Now that you are ready to start vaping, you want to be sure you are only vaping where it is allowed. Here, we will help you navigate how the different […]

How to Choose the Right Vape

Need help finding your perfect vape? Our complete vaporizer shopping guide will ask the right questions and make the right suggestions from among our best vapes, so you can find your new favorite vape. Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers dozens of vaporizers in our store. This wide range in choice means […]

How to Clean Your Wax Vape

Everything you need to know about cleaning your cannabis extract pen in four easy steps. When using a vape for your marijuana extracts, it is inevitable that residue will buildup in certain spots in your vape, potentially altering the vape’s airflow or affecting your vapor’s flavor. This process doesn’t need […]