I’ve been smoking weed for a while now but i recently smoked weed and it caused me to have a panic attack. I didn’t know what a panic attack was so i didn’t know what i was going through. It started out as a pain in my chest. I looked up symptoms of a heart attack and felt alot of the symptoms listed. I started to panic a lot and though that the weed was laced and i was gonna die. My pain in my chest lasted a while till it ended up stopping. Then the next time i smoked again i was with my friend. When i started to feel my high i could feel my heart beat through out my body and it scared me. Then the pain in my chest came and the whole same things that happened last time happened again but worse. But my question is is there a way i can smoke weed and feel high without having a panic attack or any of what i had in my last times i smoked.

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