How Marijuana Helps Me.

IMO, marijuana is the Most important plant Mother Earth provides.

Ok, Hippy rant off.

But sers.

Smoking The firemost nugs keep my negative thoughts at bay, where they belong, when I’m home dealing with teenage angst/ wife hormones/ home repairs / and my own mental awkwardness While TRYING TO RELAX. I don’t ever smoke before going to work in the morning or at the office ever. Because it makes me drowsy. However, I will take a puff or two if I need to solve some technical coding task if Having to bring work home after hours. This usually makes me think differently, more simply, and can really help me rethink an analytical problem.

It helps me stay relaxed in the midst of chaos by reminding me to focus on what matters most to me by priority. I would rather be a good husband/father/son than good worker. mJ relaxes my thoughts to allow me to remember this when I’m bumming from a bad day.

I am on five prescribed drugs but weed is the thing that helps me the most. Since I can have a more dangerous drug legally subsidized by by companies health plan to me daily, Ativan, shouldn’t marijuana receive similar treatment? A much less harmful drug that is more potent and effective as a relaxant than Ativan?? Seems like an obvious solution for mass health issues that could potentially be very cheap as a treatment alternative.

It’s many people’s Medicine. As someone who achieved some of the effects described above using prescription drugs and alcohol for 15 years switching to weed is a better result without the hangover or calories for me by a large margin.

But i won’t ever stop using marijuana. It has no negative effects on my life in my opinion.

Please share your stories so we can make this legal Everywhere!


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