Looks like marijuana legalization is going to be coming for IL soon. Heres my theory on why it’s being pushed through so easily compared to other states

Michigan has legalized marijuana. They’re expected to have recreational shops opening by the end of this year.

Michigan is a beautiful state surrounded by the Great Lakes, and the land is pretty cheap compared to most areas. Most of Illinois’ residents live within 70 miles of Michigan. If marijuana doesnt pass in IL soon, could you imagine how many people would move away just for the opportunity to grow and/or sell marijuana?

Let’s talk about some of the illegal activities that Michigan, Illinois & Indiana would have to deal with if they dont legalize it in Illinois. Most marijuana smokers would take the risk of driving from Illinois to Michigan to pick up their supply. Its literally an hour away, the price difference from a street dealer would be significant. Not to mention a helluva lot more drug dealers would make the trip to Michigan to pick up their stuff. It would be easier for IL to just legalize it and get their end of the revenue. There are like 4 million people living in Chicago and even more in the surrounding Chicagoland, that’s a lot of revenue for a state to miss out on.

Think about the tourist opportunity with marijuana legalization. As an avid marijuana user, I enjoy going to places with legalized marijuana for vacation. I never would have known how beautiful California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Las Vegas were had it not been for marijuana. I used to be that guy who went to Florida every summer. As a native of Grand Haven, Michigan, I can assure you that Michigan is overwhelmingly beautiful. The entire East Coast will find that out once marijuana becomes legal there, given it doesnt become legal in Illinois. Illinois has a great opportunity to steal Michigan’s thunder with swift marijuana legislation. Michigan would continue to be that extremely underrated state that no one visits with legalization in Illinois. I say, keep the fucking crowds out of my hometown and in Downtown Chicago. Cheers!

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