Medical Marijuana, Inc. Launches First Non-Cannabis Derived CBD Oil

Innovative new CBD oil source to revolutionize CBD industry with wider market availability and high bioactivity.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. introduces Real Scientific Humulus Oil – RSHO-K™, a remarkable new CBD product formulated with an extract of the Kriya brand Humulus plant, to our line-up of award-winning CBD products.

RSHO-K Front

Real Scientific Humulus Oil™  (RSHO-K™)

Hops-derived CBD Oil • 4oz. Bottle • 1000mg CBD

  • Only CBD Supplement from Non-Cannabis Source
  • 3x Bioactivity of CBD from Cannabis-derived CBD oils

“Medical Marijuana, Inc. is a company of firsts and we’re very proud to be the distributors of the first non-cannabis derived CBD product on the market,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus of the news.

Learn more about this incredible new product below.

Peak Health Partnership

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has joined with Peak Health, creators of the ImmunAg™ Kriya brand Humulus extract.

“We’re very excited to partner with such an established and prestigious company as Medical Marijuana, Inc.,” said Director of Peak Health Dr. Bomi Joseph. “The company has established significant global reach and together we can reach even more people who want to try CBD but don’t want to consume cannabis products.”

Peak Health is a premier fitness and nutrition company in the United States. The company was founded by Dr. Avi Cohen and Dr. Joseph to conduct research and study the efficacy of plant compounds on human health. Dr. Joseph has a significant background in phytotherapy and has successfully developed a variety of world class phytoceutical products.

Non-Cannabis Source for CBD

Kriya brand Humulus was discovered as a source of CBD in India less than a decade ago by Peak Health’s team of doctors and scientists. The plant was then selectively bred to increase its CBD levels. The extracted oil from these high CBD hops plants, ImmunAg™, is the main ingredient in RSHO-K™.

“There are many places in the world that do not allow cannabis. ImmunAg™ is a new option for them to get CBD today. People around the globe will now have access to a product that is licensed and approved as a food ingredient,” Dr. Joseph said.

Already widely used as an ingredient in the food and beverage industries, Humulus (hops) extracts are listed as GRAS – generally regarded as safe – by the FDA and is FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) approved, meaning they are available in a greater number of markets than cannabis-based products.

Some consumers are interested in taking a CBD supplement but are hesitant to use products derived from cannabis. Now, they can take CBD products sourced from Kriya brand Humulus and avoid cannabis completely. Because the CBD in RSHO-K™ is sourced from Kriya brand Humulus, a variety of the hops plant, rather than cannabis, it is also THC-free.

“We believe that this partnership and this Hulumus-derived, non-cannabis-based product will not only provide new evidence of the benefits of CBD, but will also help people understand the value of phytoceuticals,” Dr. Titus added. “We also look to introduce and educate people/consumers on the new concept of ‘bioactivity’ into CBD’s potential health and wellness benefits.”

RSHO-K™ offers CBD with 3 times higher bioactivity than cannabis-derived CBD on the market today. Bioactivity is defined as the magnitude of effects provided by the CBD molecule when it interacts with the CB2 receptor. This higher bioactivity helps you get more out of your daily CBD supplement.

Try RSHO-K™ Today

Non-cannabis based, bioactive RSHO-K™ CBD products are available now in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online store.

RSHO-K™ combines the ImmunAg™ Kriya brand Humulus extract with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil for an easy to pour, easy to measure daily CBD supplement. Each bottle of RSHO-K™ CBD Liquid provides 1000 total milligrams of CBD – or about 31 mg of CBD per suggested serving.

Make non-cannabis RSHO-K™ CBD oil part of your daily routine. Visit the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store today.

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Author: Michael Coleman