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Medical Cannabis Treatment for Autism to Begin Clinical Trials

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests that cannabis can treat autism, but there’s little research to back it up. To investigate these claims, two bi-coastal research groups are initiating major studies. In New York, researchers are looking at the effect of non-psychoactive cannabinoids over years. Additionally, at […]

College Cannabis Exhibition Brings Industry Experts to Campus

Your school guidance counselor probably never thought marijuana would lead to an Ivy league school, but at the College Cannabis Exhibition, that was certainly not the case. The Exhibition hosted by the Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency (SMART) and High Times brought experts from every aspect of the […]

Delaware Could Clear Past Minor Marijuana Convictions From Records

Since 2017, Delaware has been cautiously working toward a future with legal adult-use cannabis and a regulated market. But a new marijuana bill introduced in the General Assembly Wednesday is aiming at correcting the wrongs of the past. Delaware decriminalized cannabis possession up to an ounce in 2015. Anyone convicted […]

Is Cannabis Banking on the Horizon in California?

Last week I wrote about how the United States is close to approaching the tipping point when it comes to ending the federal government’s prohibition on cannabis. Legalization is long overdue. And just this week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while testifying before the U.S. Senate, surprisingly said that cannabis […]