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Video Shows Canvasser Lying About Medical Marijuana Initiative

Controversy has erupted in Utah over an anti-cannabis group’s efforts to remove signatures from a petition supporting medical marijuana. The Utah Medical Association has been hiring canvassers to knock on the doors of people who signed a petition in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. But the canvassers have been misleading […]

Ultrasound Increases Yields And Cannabinoid Extraction Speed

Could ultrasound be the next step in the evolution of cannabinoid extraction? Researchers in Hungary tested how ultrasound could impact the speed and efficiency of cannabinoid extraction. The results were promising. In fact, they found ultrasound increases yields and cannabinoid extraction speed. Using Ultrasound During Cannabinoid Extraction A study that was published […]

Winners of the 2018 World Cannabis Cup

We’re ready to announce the winners of the 2018 World Cannabis Cup. Every entry was submitted by winners of previous cannabis cups. This list is literally the best of the best. Best Topical 1st Place: The F’in Miracle Pack by Sunnabis 2nd Place: Balanced Aromatherapy Healing Spray by Honey Pot 3rd Place: CBD […]