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New Research Shows That Cannabinoids May Treat Sleep Apnea

Though still in its infancy, new research shows some promising results when it comes to cannabinoids’ effect on sleep apnea. A study published in the medical journal Sleep this year confirms that a synthetic cannabinoid can lessen the sometimes dangerous symptoms of sleep apnea. To better understand this study, and what it […]

Governor Phil Murphy Opens Up About Smoking Weed

You don’t have to like smoking weed to advocate for its legalization, a point the governor of New Jersey made in more or less certain terms when a reporter popped the question after a bill-signing ceremony Wednesday. But in a tweet sent Thursday, Governor Phil Murphy opens up about smoking […]

Argentine Feds Flex Single Weed Plant and Seedlings Bust On Twitter

Prefectura Naval, a federal security force in Argentina whose main function is to safeguard human life in the waters and ensure public safety during navigation wants the countries people to know they take their job extremely seriously. Their social media pages are loaded with drug bust trophy shots. They also boast their arrest […]

10 Reasons to Get Excited About the Central Valley Cannabis Cup

From the live musical performances to the rides, slides and—oh yeah—the massive quantities of recreational marijuana for sale, there will be plenty to do at the Central Valley Cannabis Cup this weekend in Sacramento. This will be like no cannabis event California has ever seen before as High Times (the website […]

Proposed Bill Would Ban the Sale of Cannabis-Infused Beer

Though Michigan will probably be legalizing recreational weed this year, you’ll only be drinking marijuana-infused beer in your dreams. This week, a State Senator introduced legislation that would prohibit the sale of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer containing cannabis. Here’s a look at this latest restrictive marijuana law, and why safety […]

Police Raid Dispensary Over Cannabis-Infused Candy

Narcotics agents could have raided any of the dozens of illicit dispensaries operating in Fresno, California. But it appears police targeted Collective Element Marijuana Dispensary because of the packaging on some of the edibles it sold. And as police raid dispensary over cannabis-infused candy, concerns about the risks legal marijuana […]