STOPtober / Sober October

To my fellow cannabis enthusiasts,

As a consistent user of marijuana for several years, it has struck me recently I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get high for longer than 5 days in a row. That is why this year I have made a conscious decision to take part in STOPtober (although this campaign is usually aimed at taking a break from drinking).

Marijuana has become a big part of my life over the years, from smoking my first terribly rolled spliff shared between excited teenagers to 3 years of cannabis abuse, smoking everyday from 18 to 21 years old and now a few years later to having found a happy balance of cannabis and everything else. Alcohol was never for me, I knew that from early on and Marijuana just fit the bill perfectly for my mind and body.

But I’ve been slipping back in to smoking everyday and losing focus in life, this is why I will be taking part in STOPtober.

And I urge you to do the same. Take a look at yourself and evaluate your life, it’s very easy to slip from recreational Marijuana use to Marijuana dependency. Maybe use this October to take a break from the green stuff and focus on other areas in life and just imagine how good that first toke will be November 1st.

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