Strains for a newbie

I’m hoping to get some advice ad recommendations here.

My experiences with cannabis strains (so far)

Made a couple mistakes with this latest one, Lemon Haze. 1. Ground my stuff down but still used the same-ish size of weed in my spliffs. I also added a bit of keif. Dumbass. 2. Then waking and baking with one of said spliffs. Duh. Now I’m off my tits when all I wanted was pain relief. Absolutely wrecked but happy to write this thesis of a post/review/article.

But I’ve had lots of positives: 1. AMAZING PAIN RELIEF. OMG I FORGOT LIFE COULD BE THIS GOOD. For some reason, my pain turns into a tingling sensation with this strain. Sometimes it’s really warm, too, but mainly a tingle, like that area of my body is asleep but without the numbness. Occasionally the area gets really warm if I’m laid on that area, like I’m laid on a heating pad, which can be uncomfortable. If I lay on my back during the warmth phase, it can easily get too hot and I actually start sweating. 2. I really fucking dig music when I’m stoned. I get into a rabbit hole of videos on YouTube or Facebook and can listen all day. I’ve found some amazing artists that I had no clue about. Like Laura Pergolizzi. Check her out, you can thank me with some bud to try. 3. I also walk around and dance and sing with and to Lulu and she absolutely loves it. I just catch myself doing it. 4. Any writers block seems to have cleared. I’m flowing again. 5. Occasional euphoria but not nearly as often as other strains. 6. Not smoking cigarettes nearly as much. I’m only having about 5-6 a day AT MOST. Some days I only have 2-3. 7. Hyper-focusing. Staying REALLY intensely focused on something isn’t always good for me or those around me, though. 8. I’ve sat through a film and took the time to really enjoy it without clock watching, fidgeting, shaking my knees, etc. 9. I’ve been able to stay in the moment and enjoy things more.

Negatives: 1. Cotton mouth. My usual two litre a day of water consumption has gone up to three. 2. I can’t seem to sleep well with this strain: too much to enjoy. Other strains have helped me sleep (chocolate kush was the best for this so far). 3. Munchies. I’ve started having a toke before bed and limiting what food I’ve got upstairs. I started watching foodporn videos last night and had to quickly put a stop to it before I decided to start baking caramel brownies at 4AM. 4. Occasionally, I feel a bit paranoid. That’s more to do with me than the cannabis. I’m scared because I’ve not smoked in so many years after my terrible horrific last experience (whitey with an 8 hour panic attack) that it’s gonna happen again. It’s the reason I only hit a few puffs at a time at most and keep my spliffs at a high/even tobacco ratio. I’ve got to get that out of my head. 5. Procrastination. This strain isn’t helping with that part of my brain. I’ve honestly just not cared about some things this time round. My gardening still hasn’t been done and I’m going to try to start making my Christmas wreaths today. 6. Sometimes my fingers feel too fat to type. I make more spelling mistakes, too. 7. My vision has been blurry (like my astigmatisms playing up, which could be the case as my muscles relax – lazy eye, too) when I’ve had more. 8. I’ve had two bouts of vertigo with this strain. I MAY have a sinus infection, so I’m not going to blame it on this strain. Yet. 9. Tinnitus AKA my ears ringing. Fuck me. It may be a cluster headache thing but it’s bad with this strain.

Regardless of the strain, cannabis seems to suit me. Here are the effects I’ve experienced, regardless of strain:

  • My chronic daily migraines have only been around 4 days out of 30 instead of 30 out of 30.
  • My cluster headaches have decreased in both pain levels and frequency.
    • Disclaimer:
    • It could be about the weather changing (but it’s not made a difference in previous years).
    • I have changed my protocol for these recently so it may not actually be making a difference.
    • If you’re curious, I’m having the Great Occipital Nerve Blocks, Botox in my scalp, neck and around my ears and I have steroid injections in my back, shoulders, neck (and other areas that aren’t related), too. I take a plethora of other meds for other issues, but they haven’t changed at all, only this has.
  • All of them have given me significant pain relief. ALL OF THEM. I’ve went from 6 doses of morphine a day to 3 and I’ve halved the mg of the tablets. So, In fact, I’ve actually cut my pain meds and opiates down by 75%.
  • My hip and sacral joint pain is still there during movement, but not when I’m stationary. Same goes for the hamstring pain.
  • I can walk much easier. I seem to have a modified gait – like I’m gliding a bit. Maybe that puts less strain on my hips, who knows.
  • I’m happier. My goodness I’m happier – my mood has improved greatly.
  • I could never really pinpoint what my specific interests are but since starting it, I can give specific answers to some of the things I really enjoy: like learning the science and history of music and things like the Amen Break.
  • Documentaries seem fascinating.
  • Meditating is easier.
  • Typing is faster, albeit it may need more correcting.
  • I’m not as easy to fly off the handle or react. I step back and look at it later – something that I’m ALWAYS working on in myself as I have major issues with this in my personal life. Never an issue in business, though. Strange, that.
  • Food tastes better. Lemon drizzle cake makes my tastebuds go off like fireworks.
  • My smell is more sensitive, I can smell dog farts from across the room – they’ve even woken me up.

Unfortunately, these effects only last during the few hours after the cannabis. I wish the lasted much longer!

But I refuse to have a toke before driving, cooing, or doing anything that requires any kind of responsibility. So I’m limited to nights when the day is done, which is late. Therefore, strains that enable my insomnia are probably not the best idea.

Bubblegum Kush is still my favourite strain with Chocolate Kush coming in at a close second. Stardogg was okay but it’s stickiness clogged my grinder up.

Why Bubblegum Kush? * Pain relief. Great pain relief. Some tingling but not as much. No extreme heat feelings. * I can focus. I work better. * It REALLY just works well for my ADHD. * It doesn’t make me tired or affect my sleep AT ALL. * Slow riser. You’re not slammed with a rush of WOW I’M STONED. You just notice it. * Euphoria. Why not feel good when you’re pain-free? * And sensations are intensified, including erotic ones. Great for anyone who has issues with confidence or libido. * I’d like to speak to women who have had libido challenges or menopause issues and have used cannabis to try and overcome them.

Overall, I’ve turned from someone who was against it completely, to someone who thought it should only be available to those for medical reasons to my thoughts now. I think it should be legal for adults to use providing it’s treated like alcohol (ie no driving or operating machinery, you shouldn’t be responsible for kids, vulnerable adults or anything sensitive while using, etc). It’s definitely opened my mind.

Thanks for reading this, feel free to recommend a strain to try or by sending some to review!

Also, I wonder how popular CBD and cannabis are for pets. I’d love to hear some of the experiences of others.

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