Tips and tricks to get past a tolerance break?

I’ve been smoking pretty consistently for the past year. Sometimes I wait till afternoon to get high but with a dab pen it’s so easy and discrete I sometimes end up getting high in the morning an pretty much all day. I’ve been noticing the high is not the same as it used to be. It takes a lot more hits to get me high rather than just a little baked and sometimes I question if I’ve even gotten high. This leads me to taking a tolerance break. I want to try and go 5 days without any cannabis at all. So if anyone has any tips or tricks please send them my way. Also for sleep I used to use an indica cart before bed and it’d put me to sleep. I really notice my tolerance was high when I would no longer feel sleepy after taking a lot of hits, almost like I couldn’t get high. Will falling asleep be super difficult for the 5 nights I stay off it?

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